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FROM 11.30am


Classic beach fish and chips | $15.90

Beer battered barramundi fillet with seasoned chips, fresh mixed herb and leaf salad and tartare sauce


Grilled barramundi | $24.00 (GF)

With seasoned chips and fresh salad and tartare sauce


Tender Salt and Pepper Squid | $22.00

Salt and Seizchuan pepper squid with chips and aioli


Seafood Platter | $44.00

Salt and seizchuan pepper squid, beer battered fish, grilled prawns and lemon infused whole salmon fillet served with a fresh green salad and side of chips



Crispy Fish Burger | 19.20 (GFO +$2)

Battered barramundi fillet, tartar sauce, greens and salsa on wheat sprout bun with seasoned chips


Double Cheese Beef Burger | 19.20 (GFO +$2)

Served on a wheat sprout bun with fresh greens, tomato and relish with seasoned chips


Chicken Burger | 19.20 (GFO +$2)

Lemon garlic and herb slow cooked chicken, on a wheat sprout bun with bacon, tomato and sweet chilli aioli with seasoned chips


Veggie Burger | 19.20 (GFO +$2) (V)

House made kumara couscous and quinoa veggie patty with greens, beetroot hummus, tomato, avo smash, aioli on a wheat sprout bun with seasons chips



Quesadilla | $18.00

Slow cooked chicken with beans, cheese, sour cream, avo, salsa & sweet chilli


Pulled Pork Wrap | $15.00

Slow cooked pulled pork, coleslaw, avo smash, greens and plum chili jam and aioli


Veggie Wrap | $15.00 (V)

Couscous and quinoa with roast vegetables, coleslaw, greens, haloumi and aioli


Fish Tacos | $22.00

Trio of gilled fish tacos with salsa, sour cream, smashed avo, and crunchy mixed greens with chipotle sauce


Tacos Veganos | $17.00 (V)

Trio of roasted vegetable tacos with smashed avo, salsa, pickled onion and jalapeno, rocket and soy house made chipotle mayo

- add haloumi 5.00



Squid & Prawn Salad | $22.00

Salt seizchuan pepper squid and dill garlic prawns tossed in crunchy green salad with lemon dressing


Veggie & Haloumi Salad | $19.00 (V)

Roasted veggie and haloumi with a crunchy green salad tossed with a cherry balsamic dressing


Chicken & Avo Salad | $19.00

Lemon garlic and herb chicken with couscous and quinoa, avo chunks and crunchy greens tossed with a cherry balsamic dressing



  • Chips 5.00 (V)(GF)
  • Chips large 9.00 (V)(GF)
  • Sweet potato fries 7.00 (V)(GF)
  • Side garden salad with lemon dressing 8.00 (V)(GF)


***Our house made mayo aioli and tartar are vegan, soy based